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Rectangular Bars

Molded Bars

Bath Salts and Milk Bath

Just 'Cause Soaps

Gift Sets

Rectangular Bars
(approximately 2.5 oz.)

* = also available (without color or herbs) in bath salts or milk bath


Almond Crumb Cake
A mixture of ground almonds and oatmeal in a soap that smells good enough to eat!
A rich fall blend of patchouli, sandalwood and orange.
A fun bright pink swirl runs through this spicy blend.
Cinnamon Orange
A warm spicy combination of oils.
Citrus Flip
A best seller. Citrus scent with a fun yellow color.
Dulse Body Bar
A mix of vitamin E, aloe vera, and Irish moss that leaves you clean and fresh.
A wonderful mixture of essential oils in a pale green soap.
This green bar scented with pine, balsam, & spruce takes me to the forest.
Gardener's Friend
Cornmeal (for cleansing those garden-weary hands) in a nice fresh scent.
Lavender Calendula*
Lavender essential oil and deep yellow flecks of calendula flowers.
Lavender Oatmeal*
Lavender essential oil with lavender buds and ground oatmeal.
Light buttercup color and fresh smell of lemongrass.
A nice wake-up smell of mint from the garden.
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not available
Oatmeal (unscented)
Ground oatmeal for gentle scrubbing.
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not available
Pure 'n Gentle
No essential oils or herbs, just soap!
Rose Geranium*
Rose petals and the light scent of rose geranium.
A wonderful blend for bath or kitchen.
Sea Foam Pine
The clean pure scent of pine in a light green bar.
Summer Morning*
The light scent of frankincense, lavender, and geranium blossoms on the morning breeze.
The holiday scent of cassia in a light brown bar.

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Molded Bars
(approximately 3 oz.)


Celtic Oval
A rich blend of honey and oatmeal in a beautiful oval Celtic knot design.
Celtic Square
A big hint of lavender in a square Celtic knot design
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not availablee

Celtic Heart
A lovely heart-shaped Celtic knot in the ever-popular rose geranium scent
Hand Soap
The popular Gardener's Friend soap in the shape of a hand. Everyone of all ages will want to use this soap!
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not availablee

The Almond Crumb Cake recipe in a rectangular bar with an oak leaf and acorn motif (approx 4 oz.)
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not available

Pine Bough
Pine-scented rectangular bar with a pine tassel and cone design (approx 4 oz.)
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not availablee

Forest scented rectangular bar with a spruce tree design (approx 4 oz.)

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Bath Salts and Milk Bath
(includes wooden scoop)

For "flavors" see flavors marked with a * under Rectangular Soaps above.


Bath Salts
Milk Bath
8 oz.—$4.25
6 oz.—$4.25


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Just 'Cause Soap, Bath Salts and Milk Bath

Rectangular Bar
Bath Salts
Milk Bath
8 oz.—$4.75
6 oz.—$4.75

We have borrowed the Summer Morning scent (lavender, geranium and frankincense) to create our Just 'Cause line of products.
All of the products use this same scent and the soap is a pink-mauve color.

Since 2003, Bolton Soap Works has been a proud supporter of the Healing Garden in Harvard, MA., a community of support for women with breast cancer and their families, offering counseling, workshops, numerous complementary therapies, and ten acres of beautiful landscaped gardens.

We ask our customers to help. Each bar or bag of our Just 'Cause* soap, bath salts, and milk bath costs an extra 50 cents, which we match, making a donation of $1.00 to the Healing Garden. Through December, 2008, we and our caring customers have raised over $700 for the Healing Garden and its wonderful programs.

*The name, Just 'Cause, refers to the Just 'Cause 3-day, 60-mile walk for breast cancer, which in 10 years has raised over $1,000,000 for the Healing Garden and the Gillette Center at Mass. General Hospital.

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Gift Sets

Rectangular Soaps in Wooden "Shaker-style" Box


1 bar (shown above, left)

2 bars

3 bars (shown above, center)

4 bars

3 bars plus 2 bath products (see below for list of bath products)

3 soap balls(shown above, right)

Bath salts (8 oz.) or milk bath (6 oz.) plus rectangular bar of soap in matching scent.


Molded Soaps in Wooden "Shaker-style" Box

1 bar

Celtic Duo: 2 Celtic knot soaps (Oval, Square, Heart)(shown above)

Celtic Trio: All 3 Celtic knot soaps

Woods Duo: 2 of the Woods soaps (Oak, Pine Bough, Spruce)

Woods Trio: All 3 Woods soaps


Soap in a 3" Clay Plant Pot
(hint: the plant pot makes a fun soap dish!)

1 molded bar hand soap with nail brush (shown above)


Bath Product Combos for 3 Bar+ Gift Box

3 Rectangular Bars of Soap, Oval Loofah/Terry Sponge, and Sisal Exfoliating Gloves


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