About Isabelle Soap

Isabelle Soap is the result of twenty years of exchanging soaps for gifts by two friends—inveterate soap addicts—who decided to finally give in to the temptation and make handmade soap themselves. Both my mother (Isabelle) and my grandmother made tallow soap, however, all of the Isabelle soaps are made from coconut, olive, and soy oils. The varieties may vary as the seasons change and as the availability of flowers and herbs change.





I do not use synthetic fragrances or animal products in any of my products. For scents, I use pure essential oils and herbs and flowers. The essential oils lend a nice scent to the soaps, bath salts, and milk bath that does not linger with you long after use—unlike some cloying synthetic fragrances. And, of course, absolutely no coloration is used in the bath salts and milk bath.



All of the Isabelle Soap products are available individually or in oval wooden "Shaker-style" gift boxes. These lidded boxes can be used for many other things once your soap is gone!

I am happy to ship your order to another address as a gift order—just specify so on your order form. We will not ship a brochure with any gift order unless you request us to. Please call if you have any questions.

Look for us when you visit any of the stores and fairs listed on our "Shows" page.